The SeaCleaners: Our Sustainability commitment

At Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Sustainability” is more than managing ESG factor risks in client portfolios: It informs our corporate responsibility efforts to promote a low-carbon economy and a more inclusive society. For example, we are partnering with SeaCleaners to combat plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and have worked to significantly reduce the carbon emissions from our offices.

AllianzGI has entered into a five-year partnership with The SeaCleaners, a new project designed to combat plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. AllianzGI’s support for The SeaCleaners is a natural fit with the firm’s commitment to sustainable investing, with the partnership also set to open up new engagement opportunities for colleagues and clients, many of whom are already actively working to combat plastic waste.

Our partnership with the SeaCleaners

Partnering with AllianzGI will support the development of “The Manta”, The SeaCleaners’ giant new waste collection ship. Measuring 70 metres long, 49 metres wide and 61 metres high, The Manta will use state-of-the-art technology to collect plastic macro-debris in high-density areas like coastlines and estuaries before they break up and disperse, causing irreversible damage to biodiversity.

On land, The SeaCleaners work to raise awareness among future generations of the harm caused by plastic pollution through a wide range of activities in schools and fairs. As part of a drive to reduce plastic use across its global business, AllianzGI is running internal campaigns to reduce its use of single-use plastics including introducing “Plastic-Free Tuesdays” in its London office, while colleagues have also taken part in beach clean-up exercises at Baker Beach in San Francisco, Lamma Island in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s “Coastal Cleanup”. AllianzGI’s Hong Kong office was recently awarded the “Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification1” in recognition of its active participation in adopting various environmental practices, including reducing its use of plastics and promoting a green workplace.

1 Allianz Global Investors; September 2020.