Stay ahead. Take charge of your future.

Today’s dynamic markets, shifting opportunities and disruptive technologies pose complex challenges to investment. At AllianzGI, we aim to stay ahead by identifying winning themes and investing in longer-term growth opportunities across the universe.

Our active approach acknowledges and embraces powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence, while managing threats to your investment portfolio brought about by factors such as political uncertainty, market volatility, inflation and other risks.

Every day, new technologies are delivering increasing efficiency, transparency and value. We actively navigate the markets to capture the immense potential created, using ESG factors to help manage risk and drive performance, with the objective to create sustainable returns and income for our clients, now and in the future.

Stay ahead. Take charge of your future.

Teaming up with The Sea Cleaners

Find out the latest insight on how AI is applied in our everyday lives and what it takes to win with AI in investment.


The world is changing rapidly as disruption impacts every sector. An active management approach is essential to make the most of the opportunities, while managing the threats inherent in this technological and social shift.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are causing companies to rethink their business models.

As an active asset manager, AllianzGI is at the forefront to drive innovation and disruption from within.

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Everyone loves a good story. While most asset managers have historically centred their investments around specific asset classes or geographic regions, more investors today are looking for a greater emotional attachment with their portfolios. Thematic strategies that reflect a compelling narrative can help meet this demand and offer an attractive opportunity for active asset managers to show what they can deliver.

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Investment income provides many benefits – including guarding against inflation, geopolitical crisis, climate change and many others – but today’s “safe” bonds may offer no or ultra-low returns. Many of these risks will ebb and flow over time; thus, they can be difficult to hedge or invest around, which could prevent investors from pursuing their long-term goals or deter them from taking sufficient risk in their portfolios.

Alternatively, investors who “hunt for income” using riskier asset classes may be able to fight off inflation, stabilise returns and reduce overall portfolio volatility. An active approach to income investing can help investors search for opportunities and manage a broad range of risks.

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Companies that recognise the importance of ESG factors – and manage them well – are increasingly attractive to investors, while companies that fail to pay attention to ESG can be perceived as higher risk. This is causing a paradigm shift in the investment world.

Given the diversity of investors’ objectives and requirements we provide sustainable investing processes with a broad range of approaches, adaptable to different levels of ESG incorporation and client preferences. These enhance our clients’ investment decisions while helping create benefits for society as a whole.

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